Our favorite places for farm-to-table dining in Pittsburgh

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Farm-to-table dining provides an opportunity to enjoy fresh seasonal dishes — and support local farmers and small businesses. But what's so special about local and seasonal dining? Not only is the food often more delicious, but by eating local there's a smaller carbon footprint making farm-to-table dining more sustainable. Prioritizing locally sourced ingredients simultaneously benefits both the planet and Pittsburgh, which is especially significant as Earth Day approaches on April 22.

— Abbie Synan

U.S. regulators hinted at a possible ban on gas stoves. The debate boiled over.

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Seemingly overnight, the gas stove in nearly one of three homes in the country became an appliance of controversy, bringing possible comparisons to cigarettes on one side and accusations of government overreach on the other.

— John McCracken

You'll Gladly Eat Your Veggies At EYV Restaurant On The North Side

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Imade my mother proud last night by dining at EYV Restaurant. The name of the new restaurant at 424 E. Ohio St. on the North Side means Eat Your Veggies, but mama's never seen produce done up like this! Chef Mike Godlewski's plant-based menu will change with the seasons and the availability of farm-fresh ingredients. Meat, fish and poultry make appearances, but vegetables are the true stars of the show. Dishes can be adjusted for gluten-free and vegan guests.

— Kristy Locklin

Sunday Business Page: EYV Restaurant

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In this week's Sunday Business Page, Jon Delano talks with Mike Godlewski, owner of a new restaurant set to open, EYV.

— CBS News Pittsburg

Eat Your Vegetables Pops Up at Station

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A few weeks ago, Eat Your Vegetables (a.k.a. EYV), a new restaurant concept from local chef Mike Godlewski, briefly took over the popular restaurant Station in Bloomfield for a series of pop-ups that previewed some of their upcoming menu items, and we got to be among the first to give EYV a try!

A sneak peak of EYV's pop-up menu
— Kaidia Pickels

Restaurant operators eye electric kitchens as gas restrictions gain momentum

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As more and more municipalities, particularly in California, impose restrictions on the use of gas-powered appliances in new construction, some restaurants might have to consider converting their operations to electric equipment.

— Mark Hamstra

Family-Owned Churchview Farms Lovingly Keeps Farm to Table Legacy Alive

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It's a late June afternoon and Tara Rockacy's Churchview Farm is a riot of color: the sky above is a deep azure, complemented by golden rays from the low-hanging sun and lush greenery in every direction is offset with firework pops of wildflowers.

— Dan Gigler

Spotlight On: Eat Your Veggies

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Ready to dig into something fresh, healthy, and super flavorful this summer? Eat Your Veggies, a.k.a. EYV is a new restaurant coming to Pittsburgh this summer, and we're already so excited for their opening day!

Vegetable salad
— Kaidia Pickels

Eat Your Veggies opening on the North Side this summer, but join Get Healthy Pittsburgh! while you wait

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Want to make your mother proud? Go to chef Mike Godlewski's restaurant when it opens this summer on the North Side.EYV, which stands for Eat Your Veggies, will take that parental mantra to the next level by offering plant-based dishes made with ingredients from local farms and purveyors. Don't fret, carnivores! The 1,300-square-foot spot at 424 E. Ohio St. won't be exclusively vegetarian or vegan. The chef plans to include meat and seafood on the seasonal menu.

Taleggio cheese and arugula on the plate.
— Kristy Locklin

Chefs Turn Off the Gas and Light Up Induction Cooktops

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The cuisine was incredible, the views spectacular, the customers happy. But behind the scenes at one of Pittsburgh's top restaurants, the kitchen was like those in most other restaurants: a toxic sweatshop. Gas stoves, ovens, and broilers cooked not just the food but also the room and everyone in it, while spewing harmful pollutants that would be illegal outdoors.

— Edward Humes

Pittsburgh food in December 2021: What's opening and what's closing

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We're almost mid-way through December, and that means we're bringing you the last food-and-drink update of 2021. As always, the 'Burgh is hopping with some hot new spots and there's even more on the way in 2022. Below you'll find places to grab drinks — including everything from breweries and meaderies to juiceries — as well as appetizing new food options like smash burgers, breakfast fare, and charcuterie for grazing boards.

— Francesca Dabecco